What is Advanced Recycling?

At Qenos, Advanced Recycling means transforming waste plastics into feedstock for producing circular polyethylene at its integrated facilities in Sydney and Melbourne.

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By 2025, Australia has a target of 50% average recycled content in all packaging and 70% of plastic packaging being recycled or composted.

Mechanical recycling alone is unlikely to deliver these targets. At Qenos, advanced recycling can convert used mixed and household soft plastics back into new circular plastics through the use of our steam cracker infrastructure and polymerisation used in the virgin plastic manufacturing process.

The resulting 100% recycled material is food-grade plastic with identical properties to virgin resin.

Advanced RecyclingMechanical Recycling

Beverage containers


Mechanical Preferred
Food Grade

Coloured rigid containers


Food Grade
Non-food Grade

Soft plastics


Food Grade
Non-food Grade


As per conventional PE
Performance deficits

Mixed feedstock

All applications

100% recycled content

All applications
Some applications

Number of cycles


Advanced and mechanical recycling are complementary strategies to close the loop on Australia’s plastic waste.